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Upgraded Bookstore (Featuring Reviews) 80% Complete 20/11/2004
More Psychology Content Coming Soon! 30/11/2004
More Cartoons Coming Soon! 10/12/2004
Interactive Crosswords Coming Soon! 10/01/2005
Houston's Cognitive study aids for Approaches 20/01/2005
Lots more updates for Bobo's Beat 30/01/2005


Psychology Hang-Man - More Added!
More Hang-Man Games have been added covering:
The Experimental Method
The Observational Method
The Correlational Technique
Humour section - More Added!
"The Vatican meeting in full"
Paul McHolland's Community Law Page - New article added!
New article - A Tradition; At Worst, Divisive
New! Psychological Processes: Attitudes
The first of the Psychological Processes is now up and features all the information in one easy to navigate page.
New! e-greeting card facility set up, tested, and working. Will be released once sufficient cards are created. --/10/2004
Moodle New!
Moodle has been added to the site for Gerard's day and night class students. Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment which trys to encourage a structurist approach to learning.
Seminal Studies in Social Psychology Complete 15/08/2004
New! Get Help section added.
This section offers tons of links to useful organisations. If you have any problems with anything whatsoever in your life then have a look here and you might find a link to people who can help!
Research Methods Now Complete!
All the research methods are now up.
Search This Site
Site now features a dedicated Search Engine which will find specific items you are looking for within this site. Available from the top of the main page.
SCIRUS Search engine
Site now features a dedicated Psychology Search Engine, available from the bottom of the left hand bar on the main page
We are trialing a Psychological Chat room
Live chat, as suggested by Meph, is now up and running. Try it out.
Research Methods in Psychology Updated! 07/05/2004
Humanistic Crossword 02/05/2004
Humanistic Quiz Now Complete! 01/05/2004
Approaches and Methods at a 'click' now up! 16/04/2004
New Cartoons added! 14/04/2004
Read The Student Psychologist 15/03/2004
Humanistic Approach Now Complete! 20/02/2004
Biological Approach Quiz Now Complete! 14/02/2004
Biological Crossword
Test your knowledge and generalisation skills
Report writing
Writing a research investigation Report

Yet more Glossary entries added (10 or so...)
'Bobo's Beat'

Complete an ready to update you on all thats new in the music industry
Biological approach

The Biological approach is now complete.
These Were The Days of Our Life

This section is now up and will be expanded as we receive pictures of events.
Behaviourist Approach Crossword Answers
The Behaviourist Approach Crossword Answers are now hidden somewhere in the site... seek and ye shall find! Try enquiring in the forum for a clue. In fact, lets be downright obvious.. look here.
Cognitive Approach Crossword
The Cognitive Approach Crossword is now complete.
Cognitive Approach
The Cognitive Approach is now complete.
Glossary Updated
Every Glossary page has been outfitted with a DMI EasiReader ©, as well as having been formatted to a standard template to make browsing it more comfortable.
Gerard's Book Store
Buy your Psychology Text Books Here! Featuring Gerry's top 10... with many more features to follow.
Forum Updated
Changed to a better looking, easier to use forum. You can now sign up for your choice of nickname, on a first come first serve basis. This forum is in the early stages, so any ideas you may have are very welcome. These can be sent to admin@gerardkeegan.co.uk.
Psychological Cartoon Gallery Updated
There are two new cartoons in the Psychological Cartoon Gallery (with more in the pipeline). Enjoy!
Whats new and cookin'
This very page! Now you can easily see what's just up.
The forum will allow users to share their thoughts and debate all the hot topics.
Pictures At A Psychology Exhibition
Find out if you know your psychologists, or not!
Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen
Psychology and Me
My Life Thru' A Lens
Gerard's Book
The story behind Approaches and Methods
Teacher and Student Resources
Appreoaches & perspectives
Research methods and the correlation
Psychological processes
Fun teaching and learning resources
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Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen syndrome

Research into dyslexia and Myers-Irlen syndrome suggests that changing the background colour upon which words are written can often benefit the reader. If you feel this applies to you please select your preferred colour from the DMI EasiReader © below.

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