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 "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying" Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction writer

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Area 51: The One-Stop-Shop For New NQ Arrangements 2004+

In the light of the National Qualifications Review, August 2004 sees the implementation of new Intermediate and Higher Psychology courses in Scotland. As promised www.gerardkeegan.co.uk intends to support the student and teacher as much as possible in this insanity!! Have a swatch at the publication date of the essential documentation for starters!

To get us moving nevertheless, here are the new Arrangements documents. Enjoy your Summer holidays, fellow teachers! Many thanks to those who dumped this on our desks.

Please note you will need adobe reader in order to view these files. If you do not already have it, then click the link below to get it.


Code: C212 10
Level: Intermediate 1
Edition: Revised edition 1, April 2004 - valid from session 2004/5
URL: http://www.gerardkeegan.co.uk/Psychology_Int1.pdf

Code: C212 11
Level: Intermediate 2
Edition: Revised edition 1, April 2004 - valid from session 2004/5
URL: http://www.gerardkeegan.co.uk/Psychology_Int2a.pdf

Code: C212 12
Level: Higher
Edition: Revised edition 1, April 2004 - valid from session 2004/5
URL: http://www.gerardkeegan.co.uk/PsychologyHigher.pdf
Higher Psychology
Course Assessment

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Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen syndrome

Research into dyslexia and Myers-Irlen syndrome suggests that changing the background colour upon which words are written can often benefit the reader. If you feel this applies to you please select your preferred colour from the DMI EasiReader © below.

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