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The Student Psychologist is a new section of the site that will publish any psychology research investigations you care to send us. These should archive into a very useful resource, be great examples of 'best practice', and hopefully sow the seeds of a brilliant career in psychology for the student writer. And why not!

If you are at school, college, or university and would like your research investigation published in The Student Psychologist contact us at psychology@gerardkeegan.co.uk.

It is thus with immense pleasure that www.gerardkeegan.co.uk welcomes Ann-Marie Roy as the first of our student contributors to The Student Psychologist.

About Ann-Marie Roy

Ann-Marie is currently in 3rd year of the BSc Psychology course at Glasgow Caledonian University, and got a 'First' for her latest research entitled 'Investigating problem solving coping, wishful thinking coping, and anxiety and depression as predictors of coursework stress.

To read Ann-Marie's investigation click here (Adobe PDF file).

About Helen Cosgrove

Helen CosgroveHelen is a 3rd Year BSc Psychology student at Glasgow Caledonian University. She previously worked at Glacier Dana in Kilmarnock, and when that closed attended Kilmarnock College at night passing Highers in English and Psychology, and simultaneously a COSCA counselling qualification. She then came full time onto the HNC Social Science course at the College, and on successful completion was accepted for the BSc at GCU.

Helen is very much into voluntary work, which is encouraged as part of her course at University. She has worked for the Essential Skills Project sponsored by East Ayrshire Council, and also Hillhouse Care. She hopes to go into the Third Sector of the economy on graduation.

Helen says 'I am curious to how psychology can help people. I have always been interested in observing people, the way they act and behave (myself included) and thanks to psychology, I no longer need to say that I am nosey.'

Thanks for your Report Helen. Double thanks for allowing us to publish it with lecturer comments, which is of great benefit to us all.

To read Helen's investigation click here (Adobe PDF file).

Picture of GailAbout Gail McHugh

Gail McHugh is a former HNC/D Social Science at Kilmarnock College, and is currently studying for a BSc Psychology degree at Glasgow Caledonian University.

We predict that Gail has a great future in psychology. Read her report to find out why!

This report concerns taste perception. and is one of the best written psychology investigations www.gerardkeegan.co.uk has ever read.

To read Gail's investigation click here (Adobe PDF file).
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