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Research into Dyslexia and Myers-Irlen Syndrome suggests that both conditions have a colour connection.

Many dyslexic people benefit from the use of coloured contact lenses, or tinted spectacle lenses. Similarly Myers-Irlen. It is not unusual for MI students to use coloured overlays on top of class notes, exam papers etc. This enhances their perception of the written word. In psychological terms this simple strategy makes for better 'figure and ground' discrimination.

Most Internet browsers allow you to change the background colour of the websites you visit. However many Internet users don't know that this is possible, nor how to do it.

Even then individualised colour preference might not even work. This depends on how those web sites you visit are constructed.

This site wants to be different in all sorts of ways. And that is why we developed the DMI EasiReader.

If you, or your organisation, would like the DMI EasiReader for your own website, please contact us, and we'll only be too happy to share our 'innovative notion'. For absolutely nothing. How zany is THAT!

All we ask is that you link back to this Information Page.

Interested in the DMI EasiReader?

Then contact psychology@gerardkeegan.co.uk

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Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen syndrome

Research into dyslexia and Myers-Irlen syndrome suggests that changing the background colour upon which words are written can often benefit the reader. If you feel this applies to you please select your preferred colour from the DMI EasiReader © below.

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