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Dyslexia and Myers-Irlen

Below are 12 pictures of well known Psychologists. Below the image of each Psychologist is a 'combobox' (drop down list) containing the names of each of the psychologists. Match all the names with the psychologists and then press the 'Confirm Identities' button at the bottom. It will then tell you how many out of 12 you have got right. Good luck!

???? ????
???? ????
???? ????
???? ????
???? ????
???? ????

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Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen syndrome

Research into dyslexia and Myers-Irlen syndrome suggests that changing the background colour upon which words are written can often benefit the reader. If you feel this applies to you please select your preferred colour from the DMI EasiReader © below.

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