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Mum My mum, taken in 1989, the year she received her O. B. E. for teaching. Taught everything, and everybody from P1 to S6. A legend in many homes in Glasgow. Taught me to read at three, and is the most influential of any regards my genotype and phenotype. Genotype is our genetic potential when born. Phenotype is what that genetic potential actually becomes (i.e. you) . This is entirely down to environment. Environment influences physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. They in turn influence each other. Big-time!
Me, my Olympic Gold Medal winning smile, and the reason! Cape Town, South Africa July 1990. Earlier in the year I had received a phone call from a local lawyer to say if I came down to his office with some ID I would 'learn something to my advantage.' In the time it took him to put down his receiver I was at his door! He handed me a cheque for £2000, sent to him by my big cousin Len Keating in Cape Town. Len had sent it over so I could go over to celebrate the release of Nelson Mandela. You didn't need to ask me twice, and I spent a brilliant six weeks travelling all over a magnificent country. A land of contrasting peoples and landscapes. I met all sorts, and saw all sorts. From agents of South African state security, to gun toting gangsters. My most memorable moment was speaking at the A. N. C. Black Business Caucus in Cape Town. I was the only white person in the audience, bar the BOSS guy mentioned above! A year earlier he would have jailed me for what I said. This time around he joined in the standing ovation! Social Darwinism. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica South Africa

South Africa
Peter Kerr & Peter Murray Peter Kerr & Peter Murray British Student Debating Champions June 1979 The year I finished my BA in Social Sciences. Peter Kerr on the left had encouraged me in 1st year to get into student politics, and I went on to become sabbatical Vice President of GCTSA . Peter Murray on the right influenced my personal politics, and the degeneration of my liver! He still does on the former, but not the latter. Returning to my course in 4th year I became Debates Convenor on the Students Representative Council. The two Peters were dynamite! Together they made an explosive gestalt in the snobby world of student debating. From the first round to the final of the Edmund Burke these two ran amok. They cuffed the likes of Edinburgh University, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and Trinity College Dublin. Most pleasing of all was giving Glasgow University a doing in the semi-final at Aberdeen University! I laid on a supporters bus, which we filled. Aberdeen University were that pleased to see us that they gave us 2 cases of wine to quaff on our long bus journey home. With the likes of John Murphy, Jim Hart and 'Pancho' Melia on board, the Tech won the drinking competition that night as well! GU were as sick as parrots, every which way.
Christmas 1990 or not far off it! A historic picture featuring all the Ward girls. The lady at the front is my dear Aunt Helen, my mum's sister, who died in 2003. I will never forget you. Behind her are her daughters and my much loved cousins Helena, Tricia, Catherine, Frances and Anne. Anne is holding Collette. The wee girl in the big kilt (You'll grow into it!) is Katarine, Catherine's daughter. She will be black affronted when she sees this as she is currently studying law at the University of Alicante! Christmas 1990
Gerard's Brothers The Keegan Boys. Glasgow 1992

Me, and my three 'wee' brothers. Lawrie, Bryan and Desmond. Lawrie is on the left, and Bryan on the right. The reason for the suits is Fr. Des in the middle. Our youngest sibling, this was taken in Kingspark, Glasgow when he was ordained to the priesthood. He is currently a parish priest in Liverpool. My mum calls Des my alter-ego. She's not wrong! What do you think 'alter-ego' means? You would get a HUGE clue if you read the preface to Approaches & Methods. Ha!! Send your answer to psychology@gerardkeegan.co.uk and we'll publish it.

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