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Keegan's Biological Quiz
Please read the following questions carefully and select your answer using the Radio Button's (circle's) provided. Good luck!

The more questions you answer correctly the more of the Biological related image (located at the bottom) you will uncover. As a bonus, completing this Quiz will unlock the answers to the Cognitive Crossword from the previous section. This will appear in a textbox at the very bottom... Clicking the go button beside the box will take you to the page.

Once you have pressed the check answers button, the gray bars underneath each question will turn red if that answer is wrong.
1. The biological approach understands us as a consequence of:

Our unconscious and early childhood experiences
Our information or mediational processes
Our genetics and physiology

2. The biological approach is the only perspective in psychology that examines us from a:

Physical point of view
Nativist point of view
Environmental point of view

3. Identify two early physiologists associated with research into language and the brain:

Clarke and Hunter
Broca and Wernicke
Broadbent and Miller

4. We store and retrieve memories of/for sounds in our:

Visual cortex
Auditory cortex
Temporal lobe

5. Identify two influential psychologists associated with the Biological approach?

Morecambe & Wise
Tizard and Hodges
Darwin & James

6. What specialised nerve cells receive, process, and transmit information to other cells in the body?


7. The human nervous system consists of our:

Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
Central nervous system and somatic nervous system
Central nervous system and autonomic nervous system

8. The two branches of our peripheral nervous system are:

The somatic nervous system and the central nervous system
The somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system
The autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system

9. The psychologist associated with our 'fight or flight' response is:

Colt (1947)
Gunn (1937)
Cannon (1927)

10. What describes the network of glands that manufacture and secrete chemical messengers called hormones into our bloodstream?

Our endocrine system
Our peripheral nervous system
Our central nervous system

11. What hormone is central to our emotions such as fear, anger, and aggression?


12. What is commonly referred to as our master gland?

The pituitary gland
The endocrine gland
The adrenal gland

13. This structure in our limbic system is often called 'the window to the soul':

The hypothalamus
The amygdala
The thalamus

14. Which of the following influences our eating, drinking and sexual behaviour?

The hypothalamus
The amygdala
The thalamus

15. Which of the following describes a medical condition with a biological cause:

A thrombosis
A psychosis
A neurosis

16. Schizophrenia is understood by the biological approach to be caused by the overproduction of what hormone?


17. Darwin's (1859) Theory of evolution by natural selection says species survive as a result of having a successful adaptation. A successful adaptation is called a:


18. DNA holds the body's protein building instructions, or bases entitled:

A, B, C and D
A, T, C and G
A, E, I, O and U

19. Which of the following types of treatment is the biological approach most likely to favour?

A physical treatment
A psychological treatment
A homeopathic treatment

20. From the point of view of being human, which of the following can the biological approach be criticised for disregarding?

Our biology
Our physiology
Our environment

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