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Keegan's Humanistic Quiz
Please read the following questions carefully and select your answer using the Radio Button's (circle's) provided. Good luck!

The more questions you answer correctly the more of the Humanistic related image (located at the bottom) you will uncover. As a bonus, completing this Quiz will unlock the answers to the Biological Crossword from the previous section. This will appear in a textbox at the very bottom... Clicking the go button beside the box will take you to the page.

Once you have pressed the check answers button, the gray bars underneath each question will turn red if that answer is wrong.
1. A psychologist associated with the Humanistic approach is :

Buck Rogers
Roy Rogers
Carl Rogers

2. The humanistic approach understands us in terms of :

The unconscious
The self
The environment

3. Which of the following influence your self image:


4. This Psychologist wrote about the hierarchy of needs:

Albert Bandura
Arthur Jensen
Abraham Maslow

5. Physiological, safety, love and belongingness, and esteem are all examples of our?

Sexual needs
Deficiency needs
Growth needs

6. Which of the following are our growth needs:

Knowledge and understanding needs, and self-actualisation.
Physiological needs, and esteem.
Cognitive needs, and safety.

7. Physiological needs are our:

Emotional needs
Cognitive needs
Bodily needs

8. When we find ourself excluded from groups we want to join we:

Value ourselves more
Value ourselves the same
Value ourselves less

9. Who in childhood influence our self esteem the most:


10. The process of becoming all you can be as a person is known as:

Personal agency
Personal growth
Personal construct

11. Carl Rogers developed:

Patient centered therapy
Learner centered therapy
Person centered therapy

12. Individuals who self-actualise do so in terms of:

Periodic peak experiences
Episodic peak experiences
Transient peak experiences

13. Rogers says that in order to become all that we can be we are born with:

A militant tendency
A mischevious tendency
An actualising tendency

14. All individuals shoud give other individuals their:

Unconditional positive regard
Unconditional surrender
Unconditional stimulus

15. The application of theory in clinical practice is called:

A psychopathology
A psychokinesis
A psychotherapy

16. Genunineness, empathy and unconditional positive regard are used to create:

Conditions of growth
Conditions of worth
Conditions release

17. The purpose of humistic psychotherapy is to allow the individual to move from:

Ideal self to perceived self
Ego defence to ego ideal
Perceived self to ideal self

18.The humanistic approach uses:

The experimental method
The case study method
The observational method

19. The Q-sort technique is also a:

Correlational statistic
Descriptive statistic
Inferential statistic

20. The humanistic approach can be criticised for being:

Culture free
Culture fair
Culture bound

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