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We now have so many different games and puzzles, that it was about time we gave them their own page. Here is a list of what we have.

  Hang Man
General Psychology Hang Man

Psychoanalytic Approach Hang Man
Behaviourist Approach Hang Man
Cognitive Approach Hang Man
Biological Approach Hang Man
Humanistic Approach Hang Man

Research Methods:
The Experimental Method Hangman
The Correlational Technique Hangman
The Observational Method Hangman
The Survey Method Hangman
The Interview Method Hangman
The Case Study Method Hangman
Hang Man

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Here are various crosswords from each section of the site. Have fun!

Printable Psychoanalytic Approach Crossword
NEW! Interactive Psychoanalytic Approach Crossword

Printable Behaviourist Approach Crossword

Printable Cognitive Approach Crossword
NEW! Interactive Cognitive Approach Crossword

Printable Biological Approach Crossword
NEW! Interactive Biological Approach Crossword

Printable Humanistic Approach Crossword
NEW! Interactive Humanistic Approach Crossword


  Word Search
General Psychology Word Search

Psychoanalytic Approach Word Search
Behaviourist Approach Word Search
Cognitive Approach Word Search

Research Methods:

Word Search

Java Word Search Game
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Area 51
Dyslexia & Myers-Irlen syndrome

Research into dyslexia and Myers-Irlen syndrome suggests that changing the background colour upon which words are written can often benefit the reader. If you feel this applies to you please select your preferred colour from the DMI EasiReader © below.

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Area 51

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