Gerard's Psychoanalytic Approach Crossword  (Good Luck)

Print out this crossword and see if you can complete it!

The answers to the Crosswords are hidden in various sections of the site. As Gerry says about many things, Search and ye shall find!

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1  Our dream state.

3  The three parts of our personality.

6  A mental condition with no known medical or physical cause.

8  Over emphasis on it led to splits in early psychoanalysis.

13  Psychoanalysis is full of these.

17  Onset of the genital stage.

18  Psychodynamic psychologists would say it is this world that has more influence on the development of our personality.

19  First stage of Freud's psychosexual stage of adult personality development.

20  Drives found in our unconscious.

21  Word used to describe the relationship between id ego and superego.

22  Another name for an approach in psychology

2  Free association.

4  When resolution of the Oedipus complex occurs .

5  The transfer of ideas and impulses from one object or person to another .

7  A German Nightmare or what.

9  How psychoanalysis describes the structure of the mind.

10  What we use to protect ourselves from feelings of anxiety or guilt.

11 Someone who is overly stubborn, tidy, and mean.

12  A condition, psychological in origin, with no physical cause.

14  Not under our conscious control.

15  Founder of the psychoanalytic approach in psychology.

16  A behaviour associated with a psychosexual stage of personality development.