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What Is A Psychology Research Investigation All About?

Research is one of the most interesting aspects to the study of psychology. For a little while we get to be 'real psychologists'! The key to successful research investigations lies in thinking, feeling, and behaving like a scientist, which almost guarantees good marks at the end of the day. From an idea you want to create a scientific report, that following global convention should contain the following sections:

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  • Design
  • Participants
  • Apparatus/Materials
  • Procedure

General Advice

If you want to get as many marks as possible for your Investigation then presentation is important. While a number of exam boards say it can be handwritten, a typed report produced on a PC looks far better. You can also present superior graphical and numerical information. Use a standard font throughout e.g. Times New Roman Size 12. Write on one side of the page only; use double margins and 1.5 line spacing. Have a Contents page correctly linked with appropriate page numbers inside. Make sure you have a detailed Introduction and Discussion. Ensure your graphs are correctly labelled and identified, and any other numerical information given is both appropriate and correct. It is essential to refer to your results in your Discussion. Finally be careful regards citing References.

For an example, and annotated advice on the write-up of a practical report in psychology, click on:

'An investigation concerning the influence of gender on perceived intelligence.'
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