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Keegan's Behaviourist Quiz
Please read the following questions carefully and select your answer using the Radio Button's (circle's) provided. Good luck!

The more questions you answer correctly the more of the Behaviourist related image (located at the bottom) you will uncover.

Once you have pressed the check answers button, the gray bars underneath each question will turn red if that answer is wrong.
1. The psychologist who founded the behaviourist approach was:

BF Skinner
EL Thorndike
JB Watson

2. The behaviourist approach understands learning in terms of:


3. Tabula rasa means:

Blank slate
Blank cheque
Blank expression

4. Another name for learning:


5. Watson and Rayner taught him a conditioned emotional reaction:

Little Hans
Little Albert
Little Gerry

6. Which of the following gave us his theory of classical conditioning:

George Waco Bush
Burrhus Frederick Skinner
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

7. Classical conditioning means:

Learning by reward
Learning by punishment
Learning by association

8. Who thought psychology should be a purely objective experimental science. Its theoretical goal should be the prediction and control of behaviour, and that introspection was to form no part of its methods:


9. Which of the following is a reflex response:


10. Skinner used this in his experiments with rats, cats, and pigeons:

Operant chamber
Hyperbolic chamber
Diffusion chamber

11. Use of reward in the learning process:

Negative reinforcement
Positive reinforcement
Secondary reinforcement

12. Used to describe The termination of an unpleasant stimulus by an elicited response:

Positive reinforcement
Negative reinforcement
Neutral reinforcement

13. Skinner developed these:

Work schedules
Reinforcement schedules
Train schedules

14. If you kept changing the time period within which a reward is given, you would be using:

A variable interval schedule
A continuous interval schedule
A fixed interval schedule

15. Who wrote 'Superstition in the pigeon'?

Rosalie Rayner
Ivan Pavlov
Burrhus Skinner

16. Behaviour therapy relies on:

Skinner's theory of operant conditioning
Piaget's theory of cognitive development
Pavlov's theory of classical conditioning

17. An application of psychological theory in clinical practice is called:


18. Identify two applications of operant conditioning:

The token economy and systematic desensitisation
The token economy and implosion therapy
The token economy and programmed learning

19. Which of the following used the token economy in the treatment of schizophrenic people?

Lennon and McCartney
Watson and Rayner
Paul and Lentz

20. The behaviourist approach can be criticised for its:

Reductionism and determinism
Reductionism and functionalism
Reductionism and optimism

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