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Keegan's Psychoanalytic Quiz
Please read the following questions carefully and select your answer using the Radio Button's (circle's) provided. Good luck!

The more questions you answer correctly the more of the Psychoanalytic related image (located at the bottom) you will uncover. This image is rather unusual in itself and might get you thinking about just how big an effect Freud has had on our culture!

Once you have pressed the check answers button, the gray bars underneath each question will turn red if that answer is wrong.
1. The psychologist who founded the psychoanalytic approach was:

Alfred Adler
Sigmund Freud
Carl Rogers

2. A neurosis is :

A mental condition with no known medical/physical cause
A type of tulip particularly popular in Scotland
A mental condition where sufferers lose contact with reality

3. One type of parapraxes is:

A slip of a girl
A slip on the ice
A slip of the tongue

4. The psychoanalytic approach thinks that personality is largely:


5. In what order did Freud believe the three parts of our personality develop:

Ego, superego, id
Superego, id, ego
Id, ego, superego

6. Which of the following is said to govern our superego:

The morality principle
The reality principle
The pleasure principle

7. The three constituent parts of our personality are in :

A psychosexual relationship with each other
A psychoanalytic relationship with each other
A psychodynamic relationship with each other

8. Which part of our personality acts like an 'internal diplomat':


9. A fixation is:

A device used in psychoanalytic psychotherapy
A behaviour associated with psychosexual development
A mouth clamp used by dentists when filling teeth cavities

10. Freud thought that when we are born libido is centred in :

Our eyes
Our ears
Our mouth

11. Being stubborn, possessive, and overly neat and tidy best describes:

An anal retentive personality
An anal expulsive personality
An analgesic personality

12. Which of the following best describes the Oedipus complex:

Boys around age 4 developing feelings of inferiority
Girls around age 4 falling in love with their mother
Boys around age 4 falling in love with their mother

13. The resolution of the Oedipus complex comes about because of :


14. We use these to protect ourselves from feelings of anxiety and guilt:

Id defence mechanisms
Superego defence mechanisms
Ego defence mechanisms

15. Defence mechanisms are outwith our conscious control. They are thus:


16. Freud became famous as a result of writing his:

Outline of Psychoanalysis
Interpretation of Dreams
Midsummer Night's Dream

17. An application of psychological theory in clinical practice is called:


18. Identify two behaviours seen in patients undergoing psychoanalytic psychotherapy:

Resistance and accommodation
Transference and discrimination
Resistance and transference

19. Freud's psychoanalytic approach can be criticised because of his:

Use of cocaine
Use of the case study
Use of the Q-sort technique

20. Further limitations of the psychoanalytic approach are:

Its sociology, and use of functionalist constructs
Its criminology, and use of ecological constructs
Its methodology, and use of hypothetical constructs

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