Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour

Gerard Keegan & His Psychology Site ” is the first website of its kind dedicated to those studying pre-university psychology in Scotland. Because of communality of course content it should also be useful to pre-university psychology students worldwide.

Content includes an in-depth look at Approaches, or Perspectives, in psychology, Debates, Research Methods, the Correlation, Research Investigations and a plethora of Psychological Processes.

Featuring a innovative notion that has been exported all over the world, the DMI Easireader, interactive learning of psychology is encouraged using the extensive site Glossary, Links, and Fun Teaching and Learning Stuff. Or as funny as teaching and learning gets!

If you have anything to contribute, just get in touch. Personal tuition in psychology, research methods and the research investigation is also possible. Gerard Keegan is just a click away at

My sincere thanks go to my web developer nthdimension. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Nthdimension can be contacted at hotneedleofenquiry [at]

Best wishes in your psychology. Enjoy.


As Recommended by The Herald
As Recommended by The Herald